13 April 2023

March Webinar


FutureArcticLives partners conduct monthly webinars around the mid of each month, discussing preliminary results and other relevant subjects. On March 15th, we held our second seminar.

FutureArcticLives picture

Göran Bostedt from Umeå University hosted the seminar, which enabled Postdoc Irmelin Slettemoen Helgesen from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology to present her work. Irmelin presented the results of a bioeconomic model designed to evaluate the economic implications of climate change for Saami reindeer herders in Sweden and Norway in different climate change scenarios (see presentation). The results suggest that policies involving loss of land for heading required to avoid the worst-case climate change may be more detrimental to headers than the immediate impacts of moderate climate change.

Subsequently, Göran presented the preliminary results from the survey of Swedish and Norwegian reindeer herders exploring worry and perceptions about climate-related impacts and occurring changes (see presentation).

Martin Reinhardt Nielsen from the University of Copenhagen will organize the next seminar on April 14th. It will focus on the preliminary results of the analysis of the Greenland Statistics data.